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The Business Proposal helps State Farm evaluate your understanding of the agency opportunity and what it takes to succeed. You will hear much more around this component of the process at the Career Understanding seminar but can use the following information to begin planning and preparing your Business Proposal. Research is vital in building a strong Business Proposal. Market Research We recommend you begin by researching the local market area where you are pursuing an agency opportunity....
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Will. Do. You. Are not the first one to come up with a Business Proposal. Each State Farm agency has a unique job description along with an understanding of the challenges facing them. In fact, each State Farm agency will come up with a unique proposal using their unique needs. We've collected several examples of excellent Business Proposals to help you in your study. Use these to get a good understanding of what you should know to create a strong Business Proposal: The Business Proposal should highlight a real challenge the agency faces as well as a vision, strategy and how State Farm is prepared to address the challenges it faces. When you present a compelling Business Proposal, it establishes your competency to perform the essential role. Make each part of the proposal crystal clear. State Farm considers each part of your proposal in this order. You will know what to say for each important component. Be sure to highlight the importance of the position, and why you will be the perfect choice to carry out the necessary tasks to accomplish the agency mission. In addition to presenting the right skills needed to complete the agency's mission, you will need to demonstrate your understanding of how to work with a partner in a collaborative environment and to have a willingness to learn. You can always add a bit of personality, to the presentation if you feel you are not adequately prepared, but in general, please use your best. This is not a resume but a real challenge that must be completed. You can use the following examples as inspiration and practice to present yourself well. Example 1 Example 2 Business Plan or Business Plan You should use a solid business plan to build your business. A business plan outlines the organization's mission, vision and strategies, and identifies the actions to be taken in order to achieve those goals. It explains how you will fulfill the mission and how your goals are achieved. A business plan also contains the business strategy for the agency. These goals form the framework within which State Farm will determine its financial needs for the future. The business plan should be created in cooperation with the Director of Human Resources, who should receive it from you immediately after the meeting or appointment. You will need to complete this business plan before the official appointment. You should ensure your business plan has been signed and submitted to the State Farm human resources office (HR Office) in all cases where you are eligible to apply for a position requiring an agency business plan. Furthermore, you can use the following examples as inspiration and practice to present yourself well.
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